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HVAC Technician – Riyadh

HVAC Technician Job Description

Company: Alka Ventures Arabia Contracting Company Ltd.
Location: Riyadh

HVAC Technician Responsibilities:

  1. Install, maintain, and repair heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings.
  2. Perform HVAC equipment inspections, troubleshooting, and diagnosis to identify issues, faults, or malfunctions affecting system performance.
  3. Conduct routine preventive maintenance tasks, including cleaning, lubricating, and replacing worn or defective components to ensure optimal HVAC system operation.
  4. Inspect and test HVAC controls, thermostats, sensors, valves, motors, fans, compressors, and other system components to verify proper functioning and efficiency.
  5. Repair or replace defective parts, components, and equipment such as motors, compressors, coils, filters, belts, bearings, and electrical wiring as needed.
  6. Install and calibrate HVAC systems, ductwork, piping, refrigerant lines, and related components according to design specifications, blueprints, and technical manuals.
  7. Perform refrigerant recovery, evacuation, charging, and leak testing procedures in compliance with environmental regulations and safety standards.
  8. Monitor HVAC system performance, temperature, pressure, and humidity levels using diagnostic tools, gauges, meters, and computerized control systems.
  9. Respond promptly to service calls, emergency breakdowns, and customer requests for HVAC repairs, adjustments, or installations.
  10. Follow safety protocols, guidelines, and regulations while handling HVAC equipment, working at heights, and using power tools, ladders, and scaffolds.
  11. Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities, service reports, equipment inventory, and parts usage to track expenses and ensure compliance with warranty requirements.
  12. Provide technical support, guidance, and training to junior technicians, apprentices, and other team members as needed.


  1. High school diploma or equivalent qualification.
  2. Certification or diploma in HVAC technology, refrigeration, or related field.
  3. Proven experience as an HVAC technician in commercial or industrial settings.
  4. Strong knowledge of HVAC systems, components, controls, and refrigeration principles.
  5. Proficiency in reading and interpreting HVAC diagrams, schematics, and technical manuals.
  6. Familiarity with HVAC tools, equipment, diagnostic instruments, and safety procedures.
  7. Excellent troubleshooting skills and ability to diagnose and resolve HVAC problems effectively.
  8. Physical stamina and agility to perform tasks requiring bending, lifting, climbing, and working in confined spaces.
  9. Effective communication skills and ability to interact professionally with clients, colleagues, and supervisors.
  10. Valid driver’s license and clean driving record.
  11. Saudi nationals or candidates with relevant work permits preferred.

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in this position, please send your CV.

To apply for this job email your details to info@alkaarabia.com